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钱柜娱乐777:MBA Essay:管理人员和员工的纪律执行

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本文是留学生MBA Essay范文,主要内容是分析和讨论管理者在遇到员工犯错等情况发生时应该如何正确处理及采取什么样的行动。
So many researches did exist that if managers implement a corrective disciplinary action or apply into an establishment, it minimizes or eliminates poor performance of an employee and it also minimizes the negative effect of other employee. Disciplining an employee is not an easy task for a manager or owner of a establishment and is also often difficult to know what are the action to be taken for a employee who commits mistake. [1] 
Increasing employee productivity is an issue for every business. With the ever increasing distractions at work, employers are always finding it harder to keep their employees focused. There are three steps also to increase employee productivity and these are; monitor employees, setting goals and praising employees. [2] 
Productivity is define as the ability to produce, productive yield, able to produce or producing abundance, being the direct or indirect cause, yielding result or profit, producing goods which have economic value. [3] 
A discussion paper prepared by the personnel management association of the Philippines outline two steps for corrective action. After the area of unsatisfactory job performance attitude towards the job or improper conduct has been determined, the first step to take is to discuss with the employee his unsatisfactory behavior. The second step will follow if the unsatisfactory behavior continues. [4] 
Productivity is the measure of how well an operation system will function. According to John Kendrick productivity is the relationship between output of goods and service and the outputs of the resources, human and nonhuman is used in the production process. The relationship is usually expressed into ratio of input to output. The higher value of the ratio, the greater is the productivity. The output per work hour ratio is an example of productivity ratio. in an attempt to improve productivity some organization set systematic and coordinated productivity programs. Chase and Aquilano observe that methods to improved productivity fall into a four general categories and these are the product and process improvements, work and job improvements, employee motivation method and the last is the organizational change. [5] 
All bars here in Tacloban City are on the hand of all employees and how the management handles their employees. Success of a bar establishment also depends on how the employees do their output or work. Failure of an establishment to achieve their goal can be reasons of the employee output because they don't perform their job and they don't strive their best to achieve that goal.
The following will benefit this study:
The Researcher
From this study the researcher can learn of great and wider knowledge absorbing and applying what he had learned on this study in the future.
Employers and Employees
They can give some information that can help their employees determine the problem that their employees are facing in their work. In this way the employees can give some help to them in terms of production.
The goal of this study is to seek out answers for the following questions.
Is there a significant relationship of the quality of disciplinary action and productivity among bar employees in Tacloban City?
There is a significant relationship of the quality of disciplinary action and productivity among bar employees in Tacloban City.
The significance of this study is to see whether the employees are productive if the manager gives a disciplinary action to them because some employees are not productive if the manager does not gives a standard of disciplinary action to them. This study is also important for us to know the benefits of giving a disciplinary action to all employees in every establishment. In this study we also know what makes other employees to become more productive during the operation. If an employee is productive and other is not really as productive then there is a problem on the disciplinary action that has been implemented to them by their manager
The methodology of this study determined research design, locale of the study, respondent of the study and random sampling, research instrument, data gathering method and statistical treatment. On this chapter we will determine or know if there is a correlation of the quality of disciplinary action and productivity.
This study used descriptive method wherein the investigation had been systematic on disciplinary actions and production management approach. The questionnaire on employees persist their feelings or reaction at present work, coordination among employees in accordance with rules and regulations, do their management have the standard disciplinary actions, thus they contribute in terms of productivity. This includes the performance factor of the employees in all bars in Tacloban City.
The study will be conducted in Tacloban astrodome and would likely include Magsaysay Boulevard, P. Burgos Street and Real Street as the locale of the study. This study is only limited to the investigation or that matters in the quality of disciplinary action of manager and the productivity of the employee and when classified according to gender and age.
The respondent of this study are the managers who manage a bar and all employees that are currently working in all bars in Astrodome Tacloban City.
The study is composed of two sets of questionnaire. The First one questionnaire would be answer by the manager and the second one would be answer by the employee. Questionnaire 1 is a set of questions pertaining to the productivity of employee during their work and by answering that first questionnaire the manager should put an (X) mark in the appropriate choices beside the parenthesis. Answers' scoring is as follows:
Always 5 points
Often 4 points
Sometimes 3 points
Seldom 2 points
Never 1 point
Interpretation of data would be: the higher the score is, the better productivity.
Questionnaire 2 is set of questions pertaining to the quality disciplinary action of the manager and by answering that second questionnaire the employee should put an (X) mark in the appropriate choices beside the parenthesis. Answers' scoring is as follows:
Always 5 points
Often 4 points
Sometimes 3 points
Seldom 2 points
Never 1 point
Interpretation would be this: the higher the score is the better of quality of disciplinary action.
The researcher will personally deliver the questionnaire to ten bar establishment in astrodome Tacloban City and ask by the use of an approval letter to conduct a study on the quality of disciplinary action and productivity of employees in all bars in astrodome Tacloban City. The researcher gathers data personally from the subject.
In identifying if there is a relationship of the quality of disciplinary action of a manager and productivity of employee among bars in Astrodome Tacloban City, the answer of all managers and employees will be tallied and tabulated to quantify if two variables has a correlation. The researcher of the study would also make a graph in terms of percentage of answers of the respondents.
The null hypotheses of the study are the following:
There is no significant relationship between the quality of disciplinary action and the productivity of employees among bar in Astrodome Tacloban City.
There is no significant relationship between and the quality of disciplinary action and the productivity of employees among bar in Astrodome Tacloban City when classified according to:

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